Switch-bell battery telephone1890
Select-O- Phone Screw Machine Pro
Western Electric
S.H. Couch 8 push button Auto 1911
L.M. Ericsson French pedestal tel. 1920
1894 Mutual Telephone Co
Kellogg Switchboard  & Supply
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply 1916
Hotel type wall telephone 1900
Kellogg 5 line switchboard
Kellogg mini 20-line switchboard
w/french handset 1910
Dictograph Products 1913
Dictograph Products
Kellogg hotel type wall telephone- Mother of Pearl button 1901.
Western Electric common battery 1916
Mix & Genest hotel type telephone 1905
British wall type "loudaphone"
installed on ships 1920's
Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co 1930
Western Electric Telephone
Selector for railroad 1912
National Electric Works office
annunciator 1905 serial no #2

1898 Wheatstone Bridge
        testing set
Holzer-Cabot pedestal
type switching phone 1899-1905
1915 Western Electric
use in railroad waystations
Western Electric co
Mickey Mouse
1870-1880 early attempt at an
electrical telephone
working replica of Bell's 1878 -
"Butterstamp" telephone.
Hush A Phone
Western Electric